How do school fundraisers make you feel?

Do you envision headaches such as stressful preparations, chaotic attempts at organization, and a so-so return on your investment? Do you wish you could do better for your kids and your school without all the muss and fuss?

Well, now you can! Here at Pay It Forward Fundraising, our motto is "Successful Fundraising Made Easy". That's exactly what we provide -- innovative, smoothly run, impeccably executed fundraisers that yield a higher return on investment than the competition, GUARANTEED!

Ready to turn your school's fundraiser up a notch?

The Right Incentives

We've found that a greater investment yields a greater return. Our fundraisers typically earn more money at 40% than other companies that offer 45% because that extra 5% goes into creating better incentives that draw more participants and raise more funds.

Pay It Forward Fundraising

FRST - Fund Raising Specialist of Texas


Founded: 2010

Owner: Kathy Cates


Areas of expertise:  School Fundraising

The Right Program

We offer a multitude of programs specifically tailored to meet each clients individual needs.

Company Profile

The Right People

Our prompt, friendly, reliable support staff ensures a profitable, no-stress fundraising experience every time. We also support the Dallas-Fort Worth economy by engaging in partnership with local business for every aspect of our incentives.

What makes a great fundraiser?